Lundberg Pioneers

Karl (Carl, Charles, Chas) Lundberg immigrated from Sweden to the USA in 1866, and crossed the western plains by handcart as part of the Peter Nebeker Company (1866). Known as Karl Hendrick Lundberg in Sweden he went by several variations after arriving in the USA. Charles Henry, Carl Hendrick, and Chas, are some examples. He traveled with his first wife Elizabeth Wilhamine Alson Lundberg and their two daughters, Selma Hendrickle Emile (3yrs old) and Amanda Josephine (18 months old).  While crossing the plains of Wyoming, little Amanda Josephine fell into a pot of scalding hot water and died from her injuries. It was these same plains of Wyoming that also claimed the life of Karl Hendrick’s Mother (Lena Kaiser Ekman Lundberg wife of Soloman Lundberg), who was traveling with her daughter (Anne Kajsa Wilhelmina Lundberg, Johnson, Andher, Smith) in the Taylor Company of 1865, a 36 wagon Company.

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